Future Is Now Foundation

Free, Fee & Referral Services

In addition to our many free programs and services, the Foundation offers fee-based services as well as referrals to outstanding service providers.

Free Programs & Services

Sponsored public education and technical assistance events and services of the Foundation are offered free of charge. The Foundation strives to make as many of its other programs and services available on this basis as possible. Peruse this site for more. We also welcome feedback on needs for the future ... and new sponsors to enable more free services.

Fee-Based Services

Technical assistance services are available to public agencies, nonprofits and communities. Foundation priorities for Technical Assistance include:

Smart Community Planning
Sound Economic Development
Clean Alternative Energy
•      Sustainable Agriculture
Empowered Rural Communities

Capacity building for nonprofit organizations is a part of the Foundation’s mission. Services available for nonprofit groups and public agencies include: training, technical assistance, organizational assessments, education programs, public outreach, on-line events and other forms of support. Click here for more on
 Capacity Building



 Also see a sampling of our “event style” interviews with celebrities and experts through our Program and "Make a Difference" links.



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