Future Is Now Foundation

Our services

Capacity Building
training, technical assistance and other support services to enable non-profit groups and public agencies to be as effective as possible in their services and missions.

Public Awareness 
educational forums and programs to better inform the public on issues and topics that affect quality of life and future well being, plus solutions for the future.

Special Projects
projects on topics relevant to the future and now, from sustainable economic development to energy technologies to the role of the Internet and much more.

Some of the
varied concerns

we deal with are:

Skills Training:

- Communications
- Media Skills
- Funding, Finance
- Technology
- Leadership
- Consensus Building
- Advocacy
- Risk Management
- Strategic Planning 
- More

Public Awareness:
- Quality  Communities 
- Environment
- Growth & Development
- Energy
- Economic Development
- Sustainability 
- Government
- Education  
- Preventive Health
- Public Safety
- Wildlife Conservation
- Animal Welfare

Technical Assistance: 
Foundation priorities for Technical Assistance include:

- Smart Community Planning
- Sound Economic Development
- Clean Alternative Energy
- Sustainable Agriculture
- Empowered Rural Communities

In addition to the above, we offer supplemental services to help non-profits and public agencies in short-term or otherwise direct service delivery.

The Future Is Now Foundation works to protect and advance the well being of people, communities, animals and the environment.

Our work is premised on the understanding that actions taken “Now” determine quality of life for the “Future”.

Our focus is on informing, empowering and equipping the public and target audiences to accomplish more and better for the “greater good”.

We do this through a combination of technical assistance, public education and capacity building for non-profit organizations and public agencies ... as well as special projects on varied topics

In Florida, our work is carried out on a statewide and regional basis. We also provide events and services nationwide.

 The Foundation is
a charitable non-profit organization (501c3) dedicated to serving the public interest.

Headquartered in
Florida, we provide
services throughout
the state and across the nation.

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contacts are welcome at:

P.O. Box 1243
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 support at CreatingTheFuture Now.com 

The Foundation was established in 2002 as the Florida Public Interest Foundation. We were previously a Program under another statewide professional nonprofit.Through our expertise in Internet technologies,
our services expanded to a national audience and our name was
broadened accordingly.

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