Future Is Now Foundation

Current program priorities  include ...

      ~ Renewable energy & energy efficiency
     ~ Sustainable economic development
     ~ Information technologies
      ~ Community planning & development
In addition, over the years the Foundation has been proud to sponsor programs and projects in service to the public, like these:

Distinguished Leaders Series – Learn from state and national leaders on a range of topics of public concern. Listen in on interviews, ask your questions. Gain insights on leadership approaches.  Access free, by phone and the Internet

Growth & Communities – Growth affects communities and quality of life in many ways. Hear from experts on a wide range of topics … the environment, infrastructure, housing, the economy, school capacity, more. Consider implications at local community and neighborhood levels, as well as regions and statewide. Many programs free access. Specialty Web site also provides timely updates, resources. 

Youth Leaders Academy – Innovative training program for America’s youth. Free access to leaders on topics of importance to and for youth. Emphasizes role models, public service, entrepreneurism, volunteerism, skill building, motivation & empowerment, the power of choice. Aids youth in choosing future directions, fulfilling potentials. Accessed via technologies tailored to youth.

Cherish The Earth -- Begun in support of Earth Day, this initiative is designed to support Earth-aware and Earth-friendly actions all year long, by residents now and those to come.  It features free educational Web-based audios on alternative energy, environmental stewardship, community planning, sustainable living and other topics.

Protecting Kindred Spirits -- The welfare of people and animals is inextricably linked. This two-pronged initiative addresses both the physical and social environment. Examples of needs addressed range from community planning for wildlife protection, rural space preservation and development patterns for co-existence ... to caring treatment of and regard for animals and teaching children (and adults) respect for domestic and wild beings. 

Public Matters – Unique and powerful program for educating voters about candidates for public office as well as key issues affecting the public and the roles of public officials. Sponsored first-in-the-nation initiative for bringing candidates for major public office to the people in the broadest-access way ever (via tele-events and the Internet).  Non-partisan. 

Risk Matters – National security, cybercrime, identity theft and other risk related challenges of today’s society warrant special attention by nonprofits, government agencies, the business community and the general public. Such concerns are left on the back burner at increasing risk these days. Learn about preventive and remedial steps and other aspects of effective “risk management”. 

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