Future Is Now Foundation
 Just Some of the Foundation's Many Accomplishments:

The Big Picture

Who We Are, What We Do, How We Do It

Steadfast commitment to and focus on mission and values of public service.


Unique and creative approaches for powerful results in touching as many lives as possible for the greater good.

First-in-the-nation live tele- and Internet forums to introduce candidates for major public office to their constituents, on issues that matter to people.

First-ever (2005) educational tele-series with faculty of dozens of experts (45+) on quality of life topics, issues.

Innovators in outreach to the media as a means of public awareness.

First host of statewide on-line educational forums and services for the betterment of nonprofits and their their public service missions.

National on-line interviews with celebrity guests, ranging from Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream) ... to the Honorable Bob Graham, long-time US Senator, Candidate for President, Governor and author.

& Much More!

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Keep This Outstanding Track Record

"Exemplary Track Record of Dedication & Success in
Public Service"


Examples here include:

Sponsor of Internet-based Leadership forums where the public can hear from state and national leaders on a range of important topics.

Leadership role in education for the public and communities on planning and growth topics.

Sponsored far-reaching program on energy resources and solutions for the future. Helped lead to current focus and strategies in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Published timely, comprehensive manual on how nonprofits can work effectively with the media.

Developer of Risk Management educational tools featured nationally for use by nonprofit community.

Appointed to state-level study and service committees based on know-how and service record.

Originator, organizer and sponsor of Social Responsibility Day --
live national event with on-demand replays

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