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Virtual Training, Education & Technical Support ... convenient, economical, easy, effective & green. Such services have been our specialty since 2005.
We offer our own Internet-based programs ...  and we also provide professional support services to others in creating and conducting yours. 

In addition, we occasionally promote the events of others that we think our followers will especially want to know about.

Our Next Event

Capacity Building Webinar on Virtual Technology Tools and Strategies
Friday, July 19, 2013   1:30 - 3:30 PM Eastern

This live Webinar is designed to support nonprofits and public agencies in further serving their constituencies through using online technology tools and strategies to achieve more, faster and better.

An array of practical resources and approaches will be included, from Web events and online meetings, to low cost high impact Websites and social media to digital publishing and more. The focus will be on what the tools are and how to put them to work for valuable returns.   

Affordable housing will be a theme for examples used in this training.

There will be no charge to attend, no limit on number of attendees.

Attend for free, click here to sign-in.

Sponsored by the Future Is Now Foundation in partnership with the Florida Housing Coalition.

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Hay House World Summit

Our S
ervices for Your Events

Scope of Events
: The types of events that can be hosted through the Internet and other technology means are many and varied ... workshops, seminars, conferences, town hall meetings, expos, auctions, virtual meetings, press conferences and more.

Our Services: On-line events are among our specialties, where our services address the full gamut of event needs: planning, program development, promotions, speakers, registrations, technology resources, on-line hosting, professional facilitation, audio/video recordings, Web hosting, more.

"We make it easy for you to offer services on-line to your members and target audiences."

: Our experience in technology-based events is extensive and you can count on us for the utmost quality and professionalism. A few of many examples for virtual events that we've planned, organized and hosted, going all the way back to 2005, include ...

~ Six week seminar series with faculty of 45 experts, for government audience (2005)

~ Webcast capacity trainings for nationwide chapters of a prominent national nonprofit (2006-2007) 

~ First in nation candidate forums for major political offices (2006)

~ Virtual briefing for statewide media, featuring  officials from multiple non-profits

~ Webcast interview series with state & national leaders (2007, Social Responsibility Day)

~ 10 event Webinar training series for a statewide audience of decision makers (2009)

We've produced and held many others since these earlier online programs
. As another example, under a 2011-12 State grant: 15 online events plus other virtual services, with the events featuring 85 national and state experts and attended by thousands. Plus the 2013 Re-Power Florida 3 day Virtual Conference.

Pricing & Payments: As a non-profit ourselves we're mindful of the budgets of non-profits and public agencies ... and we're confident you'll be impressed both by our prices and the return on your investment.

Tell us your needs and we'll be happy to provide guidance on cost of services.

Payments may be made by major credit cards, PayPal or check. Agency purchase orders are accepted.

Further Details:  Email us for more at: support [at] CreatingtheFutureNow.com. Or give us a call at 850.997.2837.

Also be sure to check out the Capacity Building tab above for a menu of other support services.


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