Future Is Now Foundation

Community planning and development have been long-time priorities of the Foundation, as both have major bearing on quality of life for the public and well being of our environment. 

Land use, community design, growth management, resource consumption, jobs, environmental quality, transportation efficiency, economic development, adequacy of infrastructure, historic preservation and sustainability for people and animals are all affected by community planning and development.

The Foundation provides education, training and technical assistance in these areas. Our support is provided through: 

  • Live on-line events with experts
  • 24/7 replays of interviews and events on timely topics
  • News from around the state of relevance to communities
  • Resources that communities, nonprofits and others can use for solving problems and capturing opportunities
  • Polls to find out what Floridians want and what suggestions they offer for the future
  • Advisory and consulting services


    "Future of Florida" ~ Learn more about this 2012 series here.

    “Issues & Solutions for Quality Living”

    Click here for on-demand replays of this informative Webinar series, conducted live in the Fall of 2009.

                                      Stay tuned for additional programs and access.


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