Future Is Now Foundation
  Green Trees Florida
                             Promoting trees across the urban/rural landscape

This new Foundation initiative has been created in recognition of the importance of trees ~ planting and protecting them ~ for many different purposes:


  • Trees provide a sense of scenic beauty and community, enhancing our "quality of life".
  • Trees help provide the oxygen that living beings require
  • Trees and other vegetation stabilize shorelines and clean pollutants from runoff (water)
  • Trees help save energy by shading, a form of passive solar design
  • As energy resources are saved and pollution clean-up avoided, trees save money
  • Trees provide a form of recreation for children and adults alike (climbers, hikers, walkers)
  • Being around trees provides many with a sense of peace and connection with the earth
  • Trees have been the inspiration for poets, other writers and photographers whose works we enjoy
  • Trees are also great for "hugging" for those so inclined (the "tree huggers"!)

Any of these reasons are good reason enough for planning for and attending to trees ... for planting more of them and taking care of trees already in place.

But, in fact, as populations of people grow populations of trees have declined. Many are taken down by development and sprawl. Some are lost to wildfires and drought. Some disappear due to lack of forestry or landscape management.

Greater attention is needed to planning, management and protection for trees across Florida. That's what the Green Tree Florida initiative is about.

Stay tuned to this page for upcoming online events and other new resources on the subject ... and thanks for visiting.

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