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Energy, Smart Planning & Green Economic Development

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Growth & Communities

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Wildlife Conservation

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Leadership Spotlight
*Note: A glitch occurred in the transfer of several audio files to this site from our Leadership Website. It is being corrected and we regret any inconvenience.

This series has been about informing and inspiring more leadership for the greater good.

Interviews with state and national leaders on key topics of public interest and impact are featured. 

Programs are being scheduled on an ongoing basis. Most are in audio form; some include text. Those available at this time include:

Honorable Bob Graham -- former Chair of Senate Intelligence Committee, U.S. Congress; author of "Intelligence Matters"; former Governor, State of Florida; founder of the Graham Centers for Public Service.Click here to hear the Senator's riveting remarks (60 minutes)*. November 2006

Florida Governor Charlie Crist  -- C
lick here for interview text. April 20, 2007.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson & Cabinet member, head of FL Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (60 minutes) --  Click here
See Summary section below for questions of the Commissioner.

Florida Department of Community Affairs Secretary, Tom Pelham -- click here. 2007

Carol Browner, former Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Audubon Chair, international consultant --  click here

* This is a replay for a program that aired nationally. Senator Graham and program sponsors have given permission for its use by the Florida Public Interest Foundation in providing further public access to its important message.

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Grateful acknowledgement is extended to the Elizabeth Ordway Dunn Foundation
for their support on programs involving growth and the environment.

Note: The programs on this site may not be duplicated, in full or part, without the written permission of the Future Is Now Foundation.

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