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Energy & environmental decisions are matters of compelling importance for the future of our nation and the world. Access valuable resources on these subjects through this page.

Energy Smart Planning 2016

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Earth Day ~ RePower Florida

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Smart Green Planning

The Future Is Now Foundation, and our invited partner 1000 Friends of Florida, were awarded a grant by the Florida Energy & Climate Commission to undertake a new initiative on clean energy, green jobs and sustainable communities.

Called “Smart Planning for a Green Future”, the 2011-12 year-long project included free access to monthly Webinars, a two day virtual conference, a virtual resource center and other related services. 

Live on-line events designed to provide training and technical assistance to local governments, other public agencies and a range others concerned about the future of communities are available as on-demand replays, along with other timely resources. 

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National Webcast

As part of our on-line learning services, listen in on this timely interview by Marcia Elder with Foundation Guest, Carol Browner.

Carol Browner is the assistant director to the President for Energy and Climate Change. She received the title shortly after the Obama Administration took office. Responsibilities include managing environment, climate, energy, transport and other matters related to the federal government.

Browner was Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Clinton Administration. In this role, she advocated to protect public health and the environment by conserving the nation’s air, water and land from polluted materials.

Webcast interview conducted in 2007.

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