Future Is Now Foundation

A Strong Economy Is of Vital Importance for the Future & Now

That's why the Foundation has played a leadership role in sustainable economic development.

From planning, education, technical assistance and other professional services, we've worked to help build a vibrant economy for the long term.

Foundation priorities for Technical Assistance all relate to economic vitality and include:

Smart Community Planning
Sound Economic Development
Clean Alternative Energy
•       Sustainable Agriculture
Empowered Rural Communities

Even through our predecessor organization many years past, we led the charge for sustainable approaches to economic development, such as by garnering national funding for and conducting a far-reaching study on the subject ... as well as securing passage of model legislation in the mid-1990's.

For access to a 2012 Webinar that we conducted with 10 senior officials of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, on functions and priorities of the agency, click here.

To access a series of technical assistance services that we provided on green jobs, smart planning and other aspects of sustainable economic development, click here (green jobs and workforce development) and here (creating a green economy).

Community visioning for economic revitalization is another example of our work in support of a sound economy.

Many of our online events providing economic development technical assistance are free of charge. For our other services in support of sustainable economic development, contact us to discuss your needs and our options for solutions.

We provide support services on a regional and statewide basis and welcome opportunities at the local level on a special projects basis. As with our capacity building services, our technical assistance is focused primarily on regional agencies, local governments and nonprofit organizations.

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