Future Is Now Foundation

Supporting Nonprofits & Public Agencies

Our capacity building services are designed to help nonprofit organizations and public agencies be as effective as possible in achieving their missions and goals. These services include:

1.  Performance Assessments - Examining and evaluating operations and results.  Recommending options and changes for improvement  


2. Quality Improvements - Designing strategic improvements and assisting with implementation as desired. 


3. On-line Events - Providing the latest technologies plus all aspects of virtual event services for event hosting by your organization (via Webcasts, Webinars, Simulcasts, online meetings, more) 


4. Polling & Surveys - Designing, conducting, evaluation and reporting for your online surveys 


5. Training & Education - Enhancing abilities through professional development and association management training. Education for public and target groups. Timely diverse topics. Online options.


6. Technical Assistance - Specialized services in community planning, energy, environment, other varied fields ... plus experts in diverse online technologies and strategies 


7. Public Involvement - Planning, organizing and facilitating public outreach approaches and forums  (on-site and virtual)


8. Other Support Services - Tell us your needs. Ask how we can help


On-line events 

Multiply the impacts of your organization through on-line workshops, conferences, expos, auctions, meetings and more. Our experience is vast and we're here to help you through high-imact event services and technologies. See On-Line Learning tab for more.

Types of organizations served
: Charitable non-profits, professional associations, local governments, other governmental bodies, animal welfare organizations, educational institutions, others.

Virtual format options: Using an array of new technology tools, we can assist you right from our offices no matter where you are ... no travel, no pollution and no lost time. Or we can help on-site at your location.

Meeting your needs: That's what we're about. See the Contact Us tab above and call on us for quality support focused on you!  




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