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  Re-Power Florida Virtual Mini-Conference

Conference registration open for this exciting Foundation event. Set for April 19 – 22, the event is FREE and will feature key energy experts on topics of transportation & alternative fuel vehicles, renewable energy resources and energy efficiency. Attend any or all sessions through a single link. Click here to learn more and save your seat at: http://www.forthepublic.org/Earth_Day.html

  Green Website Certifications

Did you know that you can have your Website be "Green Certified"? It’s a great way to make a difference for the environment plus show others that you care.  We're helping to spread the word. Click here to find out more and get certified.

  Future of Florida Virtual Seminar Series

Since 2005 the Foundation has hosted top quality virtual events on topics of planning, growth, development and the environment. Our latest series has featured the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and the Florida Department of Transportation. Events on still other topics will follow those announced thus far. Click here for details.

    Missed This One - But Another to Come Soon!  Be Our Guest for this free Webinar ... New Era Tools & Strategies: Creating Faster/Better Results for Nonprofits. December Webinar 

The Internet can be used in amazing ways to serve and support nonprofits. Many innovative tools are available for communications, organizational services, fundraising, operational efficiencies and more. Be-our-guest for this dynamic Webinar and learn about an assortment of resources and strategies that you and your organization can put to work now. Discover creative new ways to be more effective, get more done for your mission and “be green” in the process. 

Easy to take part. Website link will come to you for live event once you sign-up.

  The Future Is Now Foundation and our invited partner, 1000 Friends of Florida, were awarded a grant for an exciting joint initiative ... a statewide project to provide training and technical assistance to local governments, other public agencies and others. Called “Smart Planning for a Green Future”, the year-long project included monthly Webinars, a two day virtual conference and other related services. A green jobs component is also included. The Foundation is continuing to host on-demand replays and other timely information at:

 The Future Is Now Foundation and a partner organization have teamed up to provide a timely new service to local governments and other public agencies. The service addresses a range of needs for the benefit of communities. Planning, public outreach, technical assistance, public meeting management
and more … on matters of land use, the environment, growth, development, housing and more. Please contact us for further details.

  The Foundation has expanded its capacity building services to non-profit organizations. Among its many support services, the Foundation offers support in organizing and conducting Webinars and other on-line events plus providing other varied virtual services.

  The Foundation is pleased to now be offering capacity building services to animal support organizations.

  Kudos and great thanks, PJ, for your long-term service on the Foundation Board! Congratulations and thanks, Ms. Niki, for your joining the Board for the term ahead. Thank you intern Stephanie for a great job!

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