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The welfare of animals ... a public interest concern in multiple ways

The environment -- including the flora and fauna of which it is composed -- is a matter of far reaching and urgent public interest. The physical environment affects and determines the immediate and long-term welfare of all living beings. The Foundation has been a leader on resource conservation, community planning, and other varied environmental matters. This work has been beneficial for the quality of life of people and the welfare of animals.

for urban, regional and rural areas is needed in a way that takes both human and animal needs into account. Wildlife conservation has been a part of the Foundation’s services in training and technical assistance
toward that end.


Quality living programs of the Foundation have been premised on the importance of "community". The physical, social, and cultural aspects of a community, determine its effectiveness in meeting human needs.


A fast growing awareness is occurring worldwide about the inter-connectedness of humans and animals (and our interdependence) -- including those wild, domestic and farm based.


“Human choices about resource consumption, pollution, and land use impact all living beings.”


Human - animal interdependence is also being acknowledged and understood much more widely in ways beyond the physical environment -- ways that relate to the social side of the equation...among them, the value of relationships (community between beings), the connection between emotional well being and quality of life, and the effects of emotions on physical health.


How people treat animals has immediate bearing on how we treat each other. Animals have long been called upon in therapeutic settings (and beyond) to help teach people how to regard and treat each other with respect, love, kindness, and understanding.


Children and adults alike have also learned vital communication skills through their interactions with animals. Effective communications are essential to human progress, for the benefit of people and animals alike.

"The welfare of animals is integral to the kind of peaceful, sustainable and otherwise viable life for our planet that we strive to support."  

Achieving all of these goals relative to the role of and effects on animals is an abiding matter of public interest.

For the very best kind of human progress and sustainability, the Foundation seeks to:


- Promote environmental practices that safeguard the well-being of living beings -- humans, animals, and other flora and fauna of the environment.  


- Support and foster land use practices that preserve and protect wildlife and other animals.  


- Through relationships with animals, foster greater kindness, understanding, and cooperation among people and in support of animals.

Build the capacity of non-profit organizations and public agencies to serve the needs of animals.

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